Amplify and Activate!

It is indeed an interesting time to be alive. It is a challenging time to be alive and for so many yogis, the yoga mat has been a saving grace. It has been for me. These times require self-care and radical action. I've spent the last year putting together my first book, designed to teach yoga teachers and studios how to create inclusive spaces. Skill in Action, Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice to Create a Just World explores the intersection of social justice and yoga while calling yogis into action. During these unpredictable and sometimes scary times, we need tools, we need action, we need to lead with our hearts and integrate justice into the practice of yoga. 


Yesterday, I had the honor and privilege of being a speaker at the first Activate and Amplify Summit in Charlotte North Carolina. My friend and comrade, Jasmine Hines, dreamed up a space for yogis to explore and discuss race, self-care as a form activism and the intersection of yoga and social justice work. The space was beautiful, the speakers were powerful and the truth telling lit up the space. 

I led a workshop on Speaking Truth to Power. The workshop moved people through embodied poses to express different components of racism, we defined racism and ended with an exploration of social change and the nature of how change occurs. Participants made new connections between social justice and yoga, felt inspired and they were ready to amplify and activate! The workshop was a reflection of what is offered in my book.  

This work of creating yoga spaces where justice is centered is messy work. It isn't easy and we have to do it anyway. I've launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the publishing of my book. It is an all or nothing Kickstarter campaign that ends on December 31st.  

If we are going to stand up to what is going on in the world and actually make it a better place, we need to change the way we speak to our students, our clients, our fellow teachers and the world at large.

Will you join me? Any amount helps

Michelle Johnson