Spiritual Bypass: A Race & Resilience Online Course with Kerri Kelly and Michelle Johnson

These are trying times and we need spaces to truth tell, grieve, learn, heal and build skills. Our spiritual communities cannot afford to disregard the collective responsibility we have in creating a just world. We must take action and we will offer tools on how to do just that. 

Join myself and Kerri Kelly, two social change activists, for an informative and transformative workshop focused on dismantling racism and connecting with our individual and collective resilience. Together, we will explore systems of power and privilege, the impact of racism on our collective wellbeing and build the skills and practices to transform our society from the inside out.  

Spiritual Bypass and Dismantling Racism

As a community, we can't afford to evade our responsibility for creating a just world by spiritually bypassing and believing that our personal transformation is disconnected from collective liberation. In this workshop, we will define spiritual bypassing, explore ways in which it is happening in our communities and offer tools and practices to integrate our work and center social justice in spiritual practice.

To create a racially equitable space we need a shared understanding and definition of racism and whiteness. In this session, we will define racism and white supremacy and share an analysis that explains personal, institutional and culturally racism. We will discuss the history of the race construct, how racism impacts spiritual spaces and offer tools for application of the analysis.

NOTE: This is a two-session online course on 5/22 7-9p AND 5/24 7-9p. Ticket price includes BOTH sessions. Both workshops will take place from 7:00-9:00pm EST using Zoom, an online platform (more info. below).

Sign up to learn more, to respond to the collective call and cry. Together let us create a just world. 

Michelle Johnson