Dream Freedom Beauty

Loves, the good energy keeps on coming!

I  feel so honored that Natalie Ross, co-creator of Dream Freedom Beauty asked me to be a guest on her show! A year ago my friend, Karla, said, "You're going to be on Dream Freedom Beauty." I didn't know how or why Karla knew this about the Universe and what it had in store for me but, she was right! Natalie and spoke about all the things. We talked about justice and yoga, the breath and body, the collective nature of change and creating a just world for all. We dove deep into grief and why it's the experience that everything else is centered around. We explore the cycles of life that are very apparent when we remember to remember who we are and why we are here. I've listened to the podcast so many times now. It's not that I love hearing my voice but I never really get to experience what others feel, hear or see when I share my healing offerings. When I listened to the podcast and would hear myself say something profound (drop the mic), I would get chills because it is very clear that the Divine was speaking through me, to Natalie's heart and the hearts of her listeners. 

So, if you want to have a listen go here: http://www.dreamfreedombeauty.com/michelle-johnson-on-collective-grief-merging-yoga-and-social-justice-and-dismantling-racism-with-breath-episode-104/

While you're there check out all of the other amazing guests Natalie has spoken to over the years. Gems of brilliance are everywhere in the Dream Freedom Beauty Podcast. 

Michelle Johnson