CTZN SUMMIT: Take Back Our House


As many of you know the world is on fire. Literally. On. Fire. 

Forests are burning, climate change is so very evident, families are being split apart and children are being held in detention centers. Mass incarceration, police brutality, and oppression are all tragic patterns normalized by dominant, white supremacist culture. 

We cannot afford to believe the illusion that the political is somehow separate from the personal.

The political is the personal.

I have sat in many spiritual spaces, yoga classes and learning communities whom engage in contemplative practices for healing. I’ve sat through countless breath practices, down dogs and loving kindness meditations and time and time again I have had teachers and leaders in spiritual communities suggest that we can in fact separate the political from the personal. It’s an illusion and isn’t spirituality, mindfulness and contemplative practice about breaking down the illusion so we can be free, whole and better to one another as we move about the planet?

My friend, comrade and sister in the movement, Kerri Kelly is a change maker. She is who I seek out when I want to know exactly what is happening on the political landscape moment to moment. She’s a yogi, political hacker, mystic and rebel rouser. Kerri understands exactly how to merge the personal with the political because of her deep understanding of the sameness that exists on the external political landscape and the internal emotional, physical and spiritual landscape.  Kerri is pure magic and is committed to making change for the collective good. To that end, Kerri and CTZNWELL have put together an amazing Summit: Take Back our House  August 23-26th in Boone, NC. The summit will include speakers such as: Marianne Williamson, Reverend Angel Kyodo Williams, Seane Corn, Mickey ScottBey Jones and yours truly. I’m more than thrilled to be sharing space and a transformative vibe with these change makers and the many others who will attend, create and hold space and contribute to the taking back of our house. The space will center what it means to reimagine civic engagement, create joy while fighting the good fight, radical self-care to sustain the movement, resilience and wholeness

Join us in Boone. Early Bird pricing ends on August 15th. Tickets available here: https://artoflivingretreatcenter.org/event/ctzn-summit/

Much Love and Solidarity.


Michelle Johnson