Co-Creating Daily Rituals 

Are you are ready for some concrete changes in your life but don’t know where to start?  Daily rituals are a great way to transform you life.

This 6 week course we will co-create rituals that will help you achieve your current goals.  

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Several years ago, I found myself in an emotional state that required me to develop new tools to cope and move through the many things that can happen in life. I was contemplating relationship and career changes, a move and learning to find clarity about my path in this life. A daily practice in a sacred space helped me stay grounded and centered. My rituals included meditation, a gratitude practice, inspirational quotes and poems, breathwork and yoga and time and space just to be in my body tuning into my highest self. Rituals are personal and should be customized to meet an individuals needs. Rituals help you to connect with the unwavering part of yourself, your strength and grace. Rituals allow you to address the fundamental needs or changes you are wanting to cultivate. If practiced consistently and in way that speaks to your heart, they help you to keep in mind your goals, create new experiences and connect to Spirit.  They make light and refreshing work of achieving new objectives.




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An overview of Each Session

Session 1: Why Create a Daily Ritual/Practice

In this session we will explore your goals for our work together and discuss rituals of interest to you.

Session 2: Tools for the practice

We will discuss how you want to set up your rituals and what materials that you might need to make it easy to practice. I will suggest some rituals that you can practice to see which divination tools, and skills best fit your goals. 

Session 3: Creating a space for a daily ritual

In this session we will explore the various places you might be using to create your rituals. Usually, rituals have different feels based on the space in which they are practiced. You and I will explore the kind of space you desire to meet your goals.

Session 4: Obstacles and Blocks

A ritual is a practice, and usually people encounter obstacles or blocks to consistent practice and engagement. In this session we will explore potential obstacles and responses to any blocks so that you can practice with ease. We will also explore how you can return to a balanced center and to your ritual when you’ve gotten side-tracked.

Session 5: Lessons Learned  

Changes will occur as a result of you creating a daily ritual. It is important to document and celebrate the transformation you notice as a result of your practice. In this session we will talk about lessons learned and celebrate breakthroughs.

Session 6: A Look Back and Goals for Moving Forward

In our last session we will look back at your journey of creating a daily ritual. You will review your process so that you can recreate it any time you like.  We will also explore any next goals you want to use for creating your next ritual practice incorporating all the learning you’ve done over the past six sessions.