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Self-Care is a Radical Act

In yoga, the "self" truly is a reflection of everyone that we interact with; there is no separation, and we are inextricably linked. The current cultural context is greatly imbalanced, causing dysfunction, separation, isolation, trauma, and harm individually and collectively. Self-care is a radical act of resistance. As we move into a new year, it is time for us to consider how we want to more intentionally care for ourselves and others.

This workshop will focus on the relationship that you have with yourself and how that informs your relationships with others. We will explore what it means to make space to practice self-care and what it means to care for the collective good. We will set intentions focused on living into the highest versions of ourselves, and make space to heal our hearts so that we can more clearly see our connection with others.

This all-levels workshop includes meditation, asana, chakra clearing, journaling, intention setting, and a soothing savasana. Through the practice of self-care, we will move into 2018 with a sense of fierce love and protection for each other and the planet.

Please bring a journal with you.

$30/$25 before 12/27

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