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Race and Resilience with Kerri Kelly and Michelle Johnson


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These are trying times and we need spaces to truth tell, grieve, learn, heal and build skills. Join Kerri Kelly and Michelle Johnson, two social change activists, for an informative and transformative workshop focused on dismantling racism and connecting with our individual and collective resilience. Together, we will explore systems of power and privilege, the impact of racism on our collective wellbeing and build the skills and practices to transform our society from the inside out.

To make this workshop accessible we will be offering it virtually through, Zoom, an online platform that will allow you to live video with us or call in. We will record all of the sessions for you to reference at a later date. Each day will begin with a live meditation and movement practice to prepare us to move into the content and analysis building. We will support a practice of applied learning based on the content offered and we will end with time for your self-reflection and integration of the lessons from the day. Here's what it will look like:

Morning Session (10am EST Live): Yoga/Meditation + Journaling (2 hours)

Afternoon Session (5pm EST Live): Lecture + Discussion + Workshop (2 hours)

Tickets available here:

Kerri and Michelle are deeply committed to creating accessible spaces. One way they ensure accessibility is to offer a sliding scale for workshops. We have three different price points for this program. You decide which one works for you. If our price points are cost prohibitive please let us know. We don't believe in turning anyone away. We do believe in sustaining the work and continuing to provide radical programming about the intersection of oppression and yoga.

Kerri is the founder of CTZNWELL, a movement to mobilize the wellbeing community into a powerful force for change. Her work was sparked on 9-11, when she lost her fireman step-dad in the towers. She quickly discovered the power of mindfulness, not just as a tool for personal healing, but as a catalyst for collective change.  Since then, Kerri has worked passionately across communities to fight for justice and wellbeing.

Kerri is recognized for her work to bridge personal practice with social change and politics. She’s been instrumental in translating the tools of wellbeing into practical application and social action in the public sector, working in collaboration with community organizers, spiritual leaders and policy makers. Her leadership has inspired a movement to democratize wellbeing that is actively organizing around issues of economic justice (Fight for 15), food system reform (Plate of the Union), civic engagement (voteWELL) and more.

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Michelle Johnson is a yoga teacher, social justice activist, licensed clinical social worker and Dismantling Racism trainer.  She approaches her life and work from a place of empowerment, embodiment and integration. With a deep understanding of trauma and the impact that it has on the mind, body, spirit and heart, much of her work focuses on helping people better understand how power and privilege operate in their lives. Michelle explores how privilege, power and oppression affects the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energy body. Before Michelle became a certified yoga teacher she was practicing clinical social work and began her private practice in Chapel Hill, NC in 2001. Michelle specialized in trauma, eating disorders and racial identity work. She has experienced the powerful transformation that comes with embodiment through the practice of yoga. In 2008, Michelle went through yoga teacher training with the goal of infusing different treatment modalities into her practice to better help clients align their minds and bodies. She became a certified yoga teacher in 2009 and went on to complete a 500-hour certification in 2012.  In 2015, Michelle began leading her own teacher training. Skill in Action Yoga Teacher Training is focused on the intersection of yoga and social justice and it inspires people to consider how they can radicalize their yoga practice to create a just world. Michelle believes in social change and knows that it is her responsibility to embody and inspire change.

Earlier Event: April 15
Later Event: June 28
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