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Skill in Action Weekend Workshop - Philadelphia

  • Three Queens 410 Monroe Street Philadelphia, PA, 19147 United States (map)

Michelle C. Johnson, anti-racism trainer, yogi, and activist will lead us through a Dismantling Racism workshop focused on understanding systems of power, privilege, and oppression.

If you are experiencing overwhelm, confusion, or despair about the current cultural context and you want to better understand how race was constructed and the impact of white supremacy on us all join Michelle for these workshops.

Michelle is an author, yoga teacher, social justice activist, licensed clinical social worker and Dismantling Racism trainer.

She approaches her life and work from a place of empowerment, embodiment and integration. With a deep understanding of trauma and the impact that it has on the mind, body, spirit and heart, much of her work focuses on helping people better understand how power and privilege operate in their life. She explores how privilege, power and oppression affects the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energy body.

Friday, November 1, 2019, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Michelle Johnson, anti-racism trainer, yogi, and activist will lead us a workshop and healing session for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, BIPOC.

As people of color, we often find ourselves navigating whiteness, white spaces, and a toxic culture. We are positioned to caretake and evade our own healing due to structural & cultural racism. This workshop will explore how internalized oppression impacts our mind, heart, spirit and physical body, both individually and as a collective group of people of color. Healing practices will be offered and space will be created for us to share our collective healing wisdom



$20- Community Rate (discounted)
$35 - Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
$30 - Supporter Rate (supports others/as well as yourself)

Saturday, November 2 and Sunday, November 3, 1:00-6:00 PM
Skill in Action: From Practice to Action is a workshop designed to explore patterns of oppression, power, and privilege, and to respond to the current cultural challenges through practices of self-study, contemplation and collective action.

It can be difficult to remain centered amidst the chaos of a culture that continues to divide and conquer. Many are wondering how to respond to increasingly oppressive policies, political divisions and the current cultural upheaval. While we have questions about how to respond, I believe that we must respond with steadfastness and courageous hearts to the urgent concerns of this time. Contemplative practices, including meditation and yoga, allow us to work with sensation, toxic thought patterns, cultural conditioning, overwhelm, and anxiety through mindfulness and thoughtful care. In this workshop, we will deepen explore identity and social location, how we are uniquely positioned to make change, accountability and responsibility and how to truly integrate the principles of yoga into our daily lives in order to be stewards of justice.

Skill in Action provides experiential embodied activities to wade through emotions, learn our history and challenge the urge to remain complacent. If you are a yogi, healer, or social change agent this workshop is designed for you.

This all-levels yoga workshop will include a dharma talk, meditation, asana, and discussion.


$75- Community Rate (discounted)
$100 - Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
$125 - Supporter Rate (supports others/as well as yourself)

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