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Asheville Yoga Festival

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Michelle is thrilled to be presenting two classes, a book signing and a day-long immersion at this year's Asheville Yoga Festival. The classes and book signing come included with your festival ticket price, and the day-long immersion can be purchased separately. Read on for details.

Skill in Action Dharma and Karma Workshop
July 27, 1:30-3pm

Karma, a term used very often in and outside of yoga spaces means the sum or our experiences and actions in deciding our fate or destiny. Dharma is our duty or higher purpose, and calls us to take action in co-creating our destiny with the universe. This inspiring yoga journey will explore our actions and reactions, not only individually but collectively and help us harness our power so that we may take action and create social change. Through the practice of yoga, pranayama, and meditation we will connect with our inner fire, agni, to gain clarity about our actions and their alignment with our higher purpose all in service of our collective humanity. You will leave this class with a deeper connection to self, your community and all beings.

Radical Self Care Workshops
July 28, 1:30-3pm 

In yoga, the "self" truly is a reflection of everyone that we interact with; there is no separation and we are inextricably linked. The current cultural context is one that is greatly imbalanced, causing dysfunction, separation, isolation, trauma and harm individually and collectively. Self-Care is a radical act of resistance.It is time for us to consider how we want to more intentionally care for ourselves and others. Through the practice of yoga, this workshop will focus on the relationship that you have with yourself and how that informs your relationships with others. In this workshop we will explore what it means to make space to practice self-care and what it means to care for the collective good. We will set intentions focused on living into the highest versions of ourselves, and make space to heal our hearts so that we can more clearly see our connection with others.

Meet and Mingle + Book Signing
July 27, 4:00-5:00pm

Immersion: Radical, Responsive and Ready! Creating a Just World Through The Practice of Yoga
July 26, 9am-4pm

During the Asheville Yoga Festival in 2017, we began a discussion about the external cultural and political landscape and its intersection with the practice of yoga. Friends, these are dark times that require an even deeper dive into understanding how we got to where we are and what skillful actions we can take in response. No one can escape the effects of white supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism. It is time that yogis mindfully and actively engage in creating justice through the practice of yoga. Radical, Responsive and Ready will inspire you to change. Four yoga practitioners, Kerri Kelly, Chelsea Roberts Jackson, Carrington Jackson and Michelle will engage you in an exploration of the intersection of yoga and social justice. The session will include: a dharma talk, meditation, partner and group work, asana, and breath work. This moment is about you asking yourself to commit to creating a just world through your practice of yoga. We will guide you. Now is the time. Join us.

Earlier Event: July 20
Weekend Intensive