Manifest Your Dreams 

You’ve heard a lot about manifesting your dreams, but you’re not really sure how to begin or what steps you need to take to do so, right?  

Allow me to be your guide. This 4 week course will transform your life and allow you to make your desires come to fruition. 

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Anxieties are like prayers that ask for what you DON’T want to have happen. It's natural to have mind stuff interfere with your dreams and desires. I've spent my share of brain power thinking about what I don't want to happen or worrying about what might happen. Through my own practice of changing my thoughts to change my reality, I've learned how to manifest my deepest desires. I opened my own private practice as a social worker, became a yoga teacher and developed my own teacher training, created deep and sustaining friendships, called in the love that I deserve and created an divination deck to help people move through grief. None of these things would have been possible if I hadn't thought they could happen, asked the Universe for them, actively calling them into my life and put energy into making them happen. 

Our thoughts become our words and our words become our actions. This doesn't just apply to our worries and anxieties, this also applies to our dreams and goals in life. You have the power to decide what happens in your life and to make your dreams reality.

I will help you learn how to use this power.  Sign up now.


An overview of each session:

Session 1: Your Heart's Deepest Desire
To manifest your dreams you must connect with your heart's deepest desires. In our first session, I will teach you a process to quickly connect with your deepest desires that touch on areas in your life such as: relationships, career, abundance (financial or other forms of abundance) physical health, emotional health and any other areas of your life that you wish to change. We will take your desires and turn them into affirmations, as if they are already happening in the present moment. You will also learn a technique to "call in" your desires through a vision board, journaling or making affirmation cards. 

Session 2: Goal setting

In this session we will focus on taking your affirmations and turning them into goals. You will create 5-7 goals to start including strategies for actualizing your goals and an assessment of resources you might need to meet your goal. You will create a written or artistic plan for your goals and include a timeline for each one. 

Session 3: Progress and Process

In our third session we will spend some time assessing what has started to materialize in your life. What dreams are starting to come true for you? We will adjust any goals based on your learning between session two and three. I will teach you a technique that will help you move blocked energies or obstacles (perceived or real) that will help you keep your eyes on the prize: The Best Life Possible.

Session 4: Celebrate

What have you gained? In our last session we will explore and celebrate what insight you have already gained from manifesting your dreams. We will review the manifestation techniques and based on your progress we will create new goals for the next iteration of your best life.