Interpreting Signs

Do signs come to you but you don’t always know how to interpret them?  

Perhaps you feel the Universe is talking to you, but you don’t always know how to interpret what it is saying? Are you ready to know and understand what the signs you receive are meaning?  Then my Interpreting Signs course is for you.” This 6 week course on interpreting signs we’ll change all that.  

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As a child when I explored my natural environment, I remember finding hearts and four leaf clovers everywhere. They felt like signature signs for me and reminded me that the universe is in constant communication with my spirit; I just have to be open and listen. As I grew older more signs emerged from the spirit world, feathers and hearts evolved into biscuit form (yes, my dog Jasper found a heart-shaped biscuit on walk one day.) I find signs all of the time and they let me know that I am held, seen and heard. You are receiving signs as well and I will help you better understand them and teach you how to use signs to guide your life. 

The Universe is in constant communication with you, guiding you with signs from the natural world, dreams, your intuition, and even the events of your life. Signs are a reminder that we are connected to something bigger than ourselves. They offer solace, guidance, and a knowledge of connection to something higher and good.  They offer us the knowing that we are not alone in this world with our trials and questions. 

I will assist you in deepening your understanding of what signs you're receiving from the Universe and teach you how to interpret them. We will start by assessing signs, signs, everywhere the signs and the move into honing in on how you receive signs and what they mean. Ultimately, we will use this information to allow you to use signs to guide your life. Life is more beautiful when I stop and listen to the whispers (or sometimes loud calls) of the Universe.

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An overview of Each Session

Session 1: Signs, Signs, Signs
It is not uncommon for people to have patterns around the way in which they receive signs. In this first session we will get in touch with your goals for our work together and start exploring some of the common ways you already receive signs. We will also discuss what you know about how you have received signs in the past.

Session 2: Tuning In

In this session we will focus on narrowing down when, where and how you receive signs. I will offer a meditation practice that will teach you how to connect with your highest self which in turn will help you interpret and deepen your understanding of how the Universe communicates with you. In addition, we will discuss how to move blocked energy when you find that it’s difficult to connect with your intuition.

Session 3: Using Your Signs to Guide You/Questions for the Universe

Everyone has questions for the Universe and everyone is looking for answers. In this session we will combine your awareness of signs with a tool for asking questions to the Divine. You will align with your higher self and how to frame specific questions for the Divine/Universe. You can use this questioning technique for years to come.  In this session you will create questions for Spirit and learn how to take action once you receive an answer.

Session 4: Take Action

As an extension of session 3, in session 4 you will learn how to take action once you receive answers from the Universe. Answers emerge in a few different ways and you will learn how to know you are receiving an answer and then to act quickly. If you get answers and don’t take action then you risk getting in your own way.

Session 5: Skill-building to Enhance Your Intuition

In this session we will explore other tools that will help you find peace and clarity when your mind feels noisy so that you can tune into your signs. You will learn how to ask for and receive signs in whenever you need them.

Session 6: Reflection: A Look Back and Goals for Moving Forward

What have you gained? In our last session we will explore and celebrate what insight you have already gained from your signs.  We will review the techniques you can use for interpreting signs, asking questions to Spirit and taking action, and quieting your mind when it’s too cloudy to hear. We will explore your next goals to put into practice all that you have learned in Interpreting Signs.