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I have had the honor and privilege of being interviewed by some amazing healers, space holders, activists and change makers. Take a listen and learn more about me, my work and the world I want to co-create with other change makers and comrades. Each podcast is different but all center a bit of the ethereal, some magic, activism, yoga and justice, grief and living into our shared collective humanity. Enjoy!

Meredith Rom

RisingWomen Leaders


“Racism is not just impacting people of color. The system of oppression is not just harming people of color, it's harming all of us because we are connected. We’re just not conditioned to see that connection.”

Natalie Ross, Dream Freedom Beauty


“It is a radical act to breathe because we live in a culture where oppression takes the breath away.”


“My vision is tied to relationship and the way we are, and the way we move and the way we treat one other and how communities are constructed. My vision is tied to freedom and liberation, not just my liberation but liberation for all. My vision is about redistributing resources so everyone can experience having enough. My vision is tied to people seeing the way in which the country was constructed and how that has caused harm. My vision is tied to grieving after we acknowledge and then healing”

Margaret Schlachter, Dirt in Your Skirt


“I have a deep understanding of trauma and I can see how it’s impacting myself and others…and part of our work is to name it and acknowledge it so we can heal; otherwise, we are going to continue to re-wound and harm those around us.”

Emily Jennings, She’s Heard


“There is something bigger than me. It’s not just me. It’s not just me on this planet. There is something bigger at play here, and we can get lost and narrow our perspective and think it’s just us but for me it’s liberating to think about a connection with Spirit and devotion to spirit and spiritual activism.”

Elizabeth DiAlto, Truth Telling


“Saying we are one is different than creating the conditions that will us to live as one.”

Renee Sills, Embodied Astrology


“Cultivate enough stillness so that we can remember to remember so that we can listen and create new ways of being.”

J. Brown Yoga Talks Podcast