Mindfulness + Social Change


For more than 19 years, I have worked with Dismantling Racism Works as a lead trainer training organizations and communities about personal, institutional and cultural racism. 

Mindfulness is about being fully present in the moment, the here and now. It is about being connected to what is going on inside of us and around us. It enables us to arrive in a grounded place with centered awareness, where we are able to be responsive instead of reactive and where we can engage in social change in a courageous way. Mindfulness skills allow us to begin to deepen our understanding of identity and intersectionality, how we approach our organizational and organizing work, how we frame a social change issue and who we involve in defining a path forward to address inequity and injustice. 

Anti-Opression Training

I design processes for organizations that focus on deepening your understanding of our shared history, relative to oppression and privilege. We establish a shared language and provide an analysis to understand oppression at the personal, institutional and cultural level. 

All forms of oppression intersect and we cannot achieve equity in one arena without creating justice in all. 

Mindfulness in the workplace

I am a 500-hr certified yoga teacher who is highly experienced in helping individuals understand their transformation through a mindfulness practice. Through my trainings on mindfulness, participants are able to develop an understanding of the nature of social change and develop tools to resolve conflict or to address dysfunctional group dynamics.

Individual Coaching Services

I can meet with you one or many times to help you gain clarity around your vision for your work in the world. I will help you develop goals and strategies to make your vision a reality. I often add an element of anti-oppression training to my coaching sessions so that you can be sure that your are building a future that is inclusive, compassionate and accessible.