I offer many skills, co-creating a healing and transformative experience with you. These skills include:

  • Interpreting Signs

Are you ready to understand and know how signs come to you and how they can guide your social change work in the world? The Universe is in constant communication with you, guiding you through signs from the natural world, dreams and your intuition. Signs are a reminder that we are connected to something bigger than ourselves. I will assist you in deepening your understanding of what signs you're receiving from the Universe and teach you how to interpret them.

  • Co-creating daily rituals

Are you are ready for some concrete changes in your life but don’t know where to start?  Rituals will help you to stay grounded and centered. Rituals will allow you to address the fundamental needs or changes you are wanting to cultivate.

  • Manifestation

You’ve heard a lot about manifesting your dreams, but you’re not really sure how to begin or what steps you need to take to do so, right? Allow me to be your guide. We will work together to manifest your goals and dreams for the future.

I have single sessions available or you can purchase three sessions at once and receive a discount on this service.

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Transverse, a divination deck to assist people moving through grief and loss.